FACTS ONLY Poll: A. Dora Akuyili vs B. Linda Ikeji , WHO IS BETTER ?


So this photo just got me laughing really hard, Nigerians have entered into a serious tense debate since popular nigerian singer blackface posted this Photo of Popular Blogger Linda ikeji and Dora Akuyili on Instagram.

So We have decided to make a Poll;

Guys if you had the chance to marry a lady like any of this 2 ladies who would you rather pick??

A. Beautiful, Poor, Very Intelligent


B. Beautiful, Dull, With Billions

And ladies who would you rather be???

Note: Haters Please dont use this Oppurtunity to start insulting any of this 2 ladies they are both legends in their respective fields and Dora Akuyili might not be poor just put it on there so the poll can make more sense… Vote starts now… Lol

Me Personally; Who Intelligence help? Abi you go use intelligence make heaven? Abi you wan outsmart God for heaven?

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