Health Tips: If You’re Eating These 6 Things, Soon You Will Have Very Weak Erections And Will Not Last In Bed


To you, the word diet means downgrading from the super size option to a large. A slice of pizza serves as your food pyramid. You double-fist soda and your heartbeat picks up at the faint sound of suya sizzling in the distance.

You are a man, and you are a carnivore. Burgers for breakfast and all-sugar-everything for breakfast; the word diet is just death with a typo at the end. Who dares to tell you to say no to food? Uh, we do. And, after reading this, your girlfriend (and anyone that might find their way into your bed) might chime in, too.

Eating whatever you want is a luxury reserved for adolescents, not for the sexually active twentysomething. We found 25 foods that are demolishing your se.x drive that might make you contemplate an overhaul of your diet. Prep accordingly.


If pasta with canned tomato sauce is the only date night meal you’ve learned to cook, it’s time to switch it up. AYomatoes can lead to lower levels of testosterone.

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