Photos: Armed Robber Mysteriously Gets Glued To Pillar While Trying To Steal From Building In Akwa Ibom State


This does not happen everyday. A thief has met his waterloo after he got stuck to a building material whileattempting to steal from the building. The incident has left residents of Esuk Oro in Akwa Ibom state totally in shock.

According to Dominic Esifa, it took the intervention of the owner of the property before the man was let loose and handed over to the police.


Esifa wrote on his Facebook: “Residents of Esuk Oro, Oron woke up this morning to meet this man Effiong from Udung Okung stuck to building materials he was attempting to steal in a site.

“It took the intervention of the owner of the property to get him off the hook. He has since been handed over to the police.”

It is believed the owner of the property performed incantations before the man regained his freedom and his hands became loose. He was also beaten severely over the incident before police took him away.zx1


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