Photos: Under-aged Orphan Impregnated And Abandoned By A Very Wealthy Alhaji In Sokoto State


Faruk Muhammed Yabo, a Nigerian journalist with DW Radio Hausa Service, Bonne, Germany, has just shared ta pathetic story of an under aged orphan girl from Birnin Ruwa village in Sokoto state who was raped, impregnated and abandoned by one Alhaji Giwa, who is also from the same village.



The story of this under-aged Maimuna an orphan of Birnin ruwa village in sokoto who was raped, impregnated and abandoned by one Alhaji Giwa of the same village as accused, is very touchy.

Maimuna who is 8 month pregnant, has no body to cater for her pregnancy in this very young age. She is now helpless her father died since, and the person accused of impregnating her denied before the upper sheri’a court in sokoto, but Maimuna insisted that Alhaji Giwa as accused, was the only one who impregnated her.

The two witnesses from the same village have attested before the court that Alhaji Giwa even told them that he will take Maimuna to a specialist for abortion, but later changed his mind.

A child of a very poor family, Maimuna is in dare (sic) need of assistance from human right agencies because Alhaji the person in accuse of impregnating her already hared (sic) a lawyer for the case.

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